"If you’re with me, I’ll make you invincible!!"

today’s theme for hq_69min was “stuffed animal”, but there’re always one too many opportunities to make fun of kageyama-kun… (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

Ultra adorable Haikyuu fanart by my bestie bellu 

It’s so well rendered that I can’t stop staring at it *A*

For more of lovely drawings, please visit her tumblr here ^^!

Kageyama and Hinata taking a quick bite during break~

Just started watching Haikyu after Bellu introduced me to it, and I’ve been hooked onto it ever since (●♡∀♡) !!!

Really love the team’s interaction, such a big family vibe <D!


a small scribble inspired by little witch academia (✿´ v ` )♡ i recommend this little short to anyone who lives fantasy, hehe. i hope to colour this in the near future! ★

Ahhh this is super cute, love the entire motion of the sketch! > v <

More adorable drawing please visit bel ❤ ~